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    DVD Teória šťastia - PREDAJ

    DVD Teória šťastia podľa Rybanského

    cena 9 EUR + 2,50 poštovné

    objednávky mailom: rasto@ceper.sk




    HD súbor 

    cena 7 EUR

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    Synopsis:  A story of a blind boy who tries to overcome his own limits by climbing peaks and prove that life can be enjoyed fully even without the...
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    Horský hotel Mních

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    Ceper studio is a professional film production studio, which is dedicated to outdoor films and commercial video production. The only permanent member is the filmmaker Rastislav Hatiar. The processing of film projects, cooperation with a number of professionals in the field of audiovisual production.

    history of ceper film:

    2012 Rasto Hatiar works as a cameraman on the movie "ALL IN"  from production of ADIDAS, also working on film project about B.a.s. e jumping, next on the first crossing in the world of parachutes in the Himalayas from Nanga Parbat to K2. Also for The company RED BULL Slovakia  produced a video portrait about Jana Dukatova /canoist athlete - Double World Champion.../


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