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Ceper studio is a professional film production studio, which is dedicated to outdoor films and commercial video production. The only permanent member is the filmmaker Rastislav Hatiar. The processing of film projects, cooperation with a number of professionals in the field of audiovisual production.

history of ceper film:

2012 Rasto Hatiar works as a cameraman on the movie "ALL IN"  from production of ADIDAS, also working on film project about B.a.s. e jumping, next on the first crossing in the world of parachutes in the Himalayas from Nanga Parbat to K2. Also for The company RED BULL Slovakia  produced a video portrait about Jana Dukatova /canoist athlete - Double World Champion.../

2011 establishment of a professional film production company CEPER FILM Ltd. Production of presentation spot LIPTOV EUROMEET 2013, which was presented in the French Annes, on the basis of the Liptovsky Mikulas won the nomination for the organization of international outdoor events EUROMEET the 2013th. Production of five films for the United Nations about environmental projects in Bangladesh, as a cameraman working with director Pavol Barabas on the film project "The most beautiful Tatra peaks".

2010 Rasto Hatiar as a cameraman working with the Slovak Television to develop shows "extreme in the mountains", and also participating in the expedition to Alaska, Mount Mc Kinley and produced a film of the expedition "Touch the Denali." In the area of ​​commerce is mainly promotional video for Mondi SCP.

2004 - 2010 production of films "In the land of Maple White", "Ski Cordillera", "On the edge of shadows," "Tangerine Trip", "Lost Nomad," which are regularly nominated for all major international film festivals. The most important are the price for the film "Ski Cordillera" as best film of the V4 countries in the International Festival of Mountain Films Mountains and City  Bratislava, and also the first price for the film to CAMERA SLOVAKIA in Bratislava. The audience is the most successful film "Lost Nomad," which was mentioned in the Slovak Television. In the commercial area of the reference works for Volvo, HUSKY, Treksport, Craemer, and TATRALANDIA, LIPTOV and others.

2003 to produce the first film to run, which is selected at the International Festival of Mountain Films in Poprad and participates in other festivals,

2001 formation ceper film studio



Rasťo Hatiar - (40), is married, has one child and lives and works in Lipt. Mikuláš. The filming began in 2000. He is the owner and managing director of CEPER FILM Ltd.

He has nearly a dozen films that were nominated for a major mountain film festivals in Slovakia and abroad. Among his works are so far the most successful films Ski Cordillera, On the border shadow, Lost Nomads, Touch the Denali. Ski Film Cordillera was awarded as the best film of the V4 Mountain Film Festival and the city of Bratislava, Lost Nomads and touched Denali won several awards and have been broadcast by the Slovak Television.

Collaborated with director Pavol Barabas as cinematographer on the film series history Tatra mountains, worked on a film about extreme sports "TATRY no limit"  production of Adidas, He has produced a short film portrait of olympian- canoe slalom Jana Dukátová for the company Red Bull.

Currently produces films for the United Nations on environmental projects in Asia, and also deals with outdoor films. His most recent film projects include the films: "Force of Gravity" about two basejumpers and film "Killing beauty" of the world crossing the first parachute gliders up to K2 in Pakistan. Rasto Hatiar prepare the film "Blind trust" about first blind Slovak Juraj Práger, who reached the Mont Blanc.


" In the Land of Maple White" 2006

" Ski Kordillera" 2007

" On the border of shadows" 2008

"Tangerine Trip" 2008

"Lost Nomads" 2010

"Touch to Denali" 2011

"Force of Gravity" 2012

"Killing Beauty" 2012